Phpld Website Analyzer Mod

What is the Website analyzer ?

This mod adds new fresh content to every Phpld Directory by spidering listed websites in real time. After the website has been spidered the gathered information is beeing analyzed and displayed on the detailed page below the regular data like title, description,etc.

Which information does it analyze ?

Currently it is checking and analyzing the following data:

1) Title of the website
2) Metadescription of the website
3) Metakeywords of the website
4) Serverstatus
5) Content Type
6) Current Pagerank
7) Entire Text on website
8) Internal and external Links on website
9) Keyword Density Analysis

What else can it do ?

I am using the mod to kick unwanted websites off the database. As Iabolish is a family friendly web directory i dont accept any adult, gambling, pharma sites, but sometimes webmasters of those sites use simply different link titles and descriptions so you cant identify those websites as unwanted. You can setup a bad word filter and as soon as the mod spiders websites and hits one of these typical words (pills, casino, escort or whatever you want) it immediately kicks this website off the database.

A live demo is available on all detail pages of this directory.