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The work we do here at the American Anti-Slavery Group relies heavily on the generosity of thousands of individuals and corporations. In fact, private contributions comprise the majority of our annual budget. Our work to end slavery and rehabilitate its victims would simply not be possible without the support and commitment of generous individuals like you. If you are already a donor, please accept our sincerest thanks. If you are not yet one, or wish to increase your level of participation, please review the following options for giving.

Slaves in Sudan happy to be free
Annual Fund Giving

By donating unrestricted funds, you give us the flexibility to apply these monies where they are needed most within our organization. These gifts can be made in the form of either one-time gifts or recurring ones when you become a member of our "Freedom Brigade".

We are pleased to be able to offer you many options in terms of how you can make your donations.

ONE-TIME GIFTS can be made through our Web site with a credit card or via PayPal. Alternatively, you can send your gift in the mail by printing a downloadable donation form (Adobe Reader required) and mailing it to our office.

Becoming a BRIGADE MEMBER means that you would like to show your continued support for the movement by making a monthly gift to the American Anti-Slavery Group. Brigade gifts can be made in three ways:

  • You may have your credit card debited monthly.
  • You choose a simple monthly charge via PayPal.
  • If you would like to closely monitor your spending, you can consult your bank.

Note about online bill pay: most banks now allow you to set up recurring transactions and they will send a check out for you each month.

Matching Gifts

Does your company have a matching gift program? If so, your gift could have up to three times the impact. Please ask your company if they'll match your gift to the American Anti-Slavery Group.

Memorial and Tribute Giving

Make a gift in memory of a loved on or in honor of someone special. The American Anti-Slavery Group will send a notice of your gift; you may choose to include your own personal message.

Stock Gifts

Would you like to make a donation to the American Anti-Slavery Group and save on your capital gains tax at the same time? Make a tax deductible gift of stock to AASG. To learn more, please contact Mario Schiavone at (617) 426-8161.

Legacy Giving

Your financial planner may suggest a variety of ways for you to make a charitable contribution to the American Anti-Slavery Group. These include annual annuities, security and stock gifts, estate planning and bequests, retirement plans, life insurance, real estate and gifts that return income to you or a loved one. For more information contact Mario Schiavone at (617) 426-8161.

In-Kind Giving

In-kind donations go a long way in helping AASG narrow the gap between our aim and our resources. A corporate in-kind gift often is worth twice what you may be able to extend to our organization in cash; since the gift's cost to you, the donor, is only the product's marginal cost, your gift may cost only half its market price. Moreover, many corporations have spare capacity that can be put to use for nonprofits at a negligible extra cost to themselves. For example, transportation or shipping companies may have spare container space; IT consultancies, temporarily underutilized communications engineers.

Best of all, corporations thesmselves can benefit from making in-kind donations, which provide an easy way to meet corporate social responsibilities. In-kind donations can easily be communicated externally for public relations purposes — and more creatively than cash can. Internally, employees this avenue of corporate giving allows employees to take satisfaction in working for good causes.

To learn more, please contact Mario Schiavone at (617) 426-8161.

Corporate Support

Sponsoring a fundraising event benefiting the American Anti-Slavery Group is a great way to demonstrate your company's philanthropic commitment to ending slavery throughout the world. For more information contact Mario Schiavone at (617) 426-8161.

Other Ways to Help

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Do you sell on eBay? Why not sell through eBay and give to the American Anti-Slavery Group at the same time? It is now possible for you to hold an online auction on eBay and give all or a portion of the proceeds to AASG. To learn more, please visit MissionFish.

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We can also be found on Network for Good, the nonprofit donation network.

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Don't forget to shop! Each time you purchase from our online store, you are helping to support the American Anti-Slavery Group.