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Direct Aid Programs

Through partnerships with organizations on the ground, the American Anti-Slavery Group provides essential support to victims of slavery. By providing food, shelter, jobs and job training, rehabilitation, education, and even enabling slave rescue missions, survivors are given the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

Below are some of the organizations we work with and descriptions of the programs we support.

Sudan: Christian Solidarity International

AASG works with Christian Solidarity International (CSI) to provide basic necessities to former slaves and refugees in Sudan. CSI conducts slave rescue mission through local Arab traders to barter for the freedom of black African slaves that have been abducted by Arab militias. The survivors are then given survival kits including mosquito nets, tarpaulin, a blanket, and a plastic canister to collect water.

AASG and CSI have also recently partnered to provide direct aid to Darfuri refugees who have fled to southern Sudan, where they receive no support from other aid organizations. The refugees are now receiving survival kits and food to sustain themselves and their families.

Mauritania: SOS Slaves
Slave in MauritaniaA system of chattel slavery is deeply integrated into daily life in Mauritania.

A deeply-rooted system of chattel slavery in the north western African country of Mauritania has brought about the need for a modern-day “underground railroad.” For centuries, black African haratines (slave caste) have been traded and inherited like property by their slaveholders, the Arab and Berber bidanes (masters). AASG works with SOS Slaves to rescue, shelter, and educate slaves in Mauritania, breaking the cycle of slavery that has characterized the country for over 800 years.

India: South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude
SACCS rescues and rehabilitates child slaves in IndiaSACCS rescues, shelters, and rehabilitates child slaves in India.

Southeast Asia has the largest estimated population of slaves in the world. Through the South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude (SACCS), the AASG supports Indian ashrams (rehabilitation sanctuaries) for former child slaves and child laborers run by SACCS. Children are rescued by SACCS activists and given clothing, shelter, food, education, medical treatment, and vocational training (for children ages 14 and older). But most of all, these children are given love and compassion, many of them attending school and playing with other children for the first time.

Cambodia: Digital Divide Data

AASG works with Digital Divide Data (DDD) in support of their program to rehabilitate survivors of sex slavery in Cambodia through employment, education, and career advancement opportunities. The United Nations estimates that 50% of female prostitutes in Phnom Penh, Cambodia were sold by relatives or friends into sex slavery, at least half of them as children. This program provides these women and girls with the education, training, and confidence they need to build new lives.