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Abolitionist Profiles

Meet the inspiring individuals — from former slave holder to registered nurse to executive director — who are at the forefront of the modern anti-slavery movement. You can also learn about ordinary people whose efforts in their spare time are yielding extraordinary results in our Activist Profiles.

Abdel Nasser Ould Yessa of MauritaniaAbdel Nasser Ould Yessa

The son of a Mauritanian government minister, Yessa was born a slave owner — but at age 16, he rebelled and became an abolitionist. Read his remarkable story.

John Eibner of Christian Solidarity InternationalJohn Eibner

As a director of the Switzerland-based aid agency Christian Solidarity International, John has travelled to Sudan many times and freed thousands of slaves. Read his first-hand account of why slavery still happens in Sudan.

Margaret Rothemich

A practicing nurse, Margaret was stunned to discover one of her clients keeping a domestic slave in an upscale Boston-area apartment. She promptly became a rescuer and abolitionist. Read her story.

Abolitionist Toko TomitaToko Tomita

"Nang, a child from Cambodia, came to Thailand as a refugee but was left on the streets alone at age 6. Lost in a big city, she was captured by a local crime syndicate and was forced to beg on the street for them." Read more about Toko's anti-slavery work in Asia.

Myrna BalkMyrna Balk

Stories from survivors of forced prostitution inspired Boston printmaker Myrna Balk to create artwork on the subject. Myrna found that helping Nepali women express themselves through art empowered them and helped them to overcome their traumas. Read more about Myrna's anti-slavery work in India and Nepal.